Toxnot 2.11 is Here

We’ve been focusing on ways to improve how you’re using Toxnot and wanted to share some updates. We’ve added new features to streamline supplier workflows, help you find and catch errors in your BOMs, improve the new user experience toolset, and, of course, incorporate many of your other great suggestions.

And now, we’re excited to announce Toxnot 2.11! These are a few of our favorite things:

Subscriptions: Simplified

  • If you are a Basic or Pro subscriber with Supplier Surveys, your subscription is now simply called “Basic” or “Pro.”
  • If you’re a Toxnot Basic or Pro subscriber without Supplier Surveys, you now have access to Supplier Surveys. (Check your subscription page to see your survey quota).
  • We’ve added file storage quotas. Check your subscription page to see your usage.
  • To learn more about available subscriptions, see Plans.

Goodbye Free Trial, Hello Toxnot Free!

  • Free users now have limited access to build their material library, survey suppliers, and preview reports - all without the limitations of a trial period.
  • To learn more about the plan tiers and usage, see Plans.

Important Import Updates

  • Importing products with custom data is simpler with mapping based directly on your custom column’s name. See Import Your Data.

Validate and Celebrate

Setup to Succeed

  • Get an introduction to Toxnot features using the new Setup Guide!

Automatic Auto-Calculation for Combinations

  • Combination products will now inherit auto-calculation settings from their parent products if they are the same.

HPDs: A Specification Spectacular

  • A number of HPD fields and formats have been refined to match the most up-to-date specifications.

New features need new documentation. We’ve revisited and updated a number of our articles in the Help Center:

Expect more updates to articles and videos in the coming weeks!

Do you have questions, comments, or feedback? We love to hear from you, and we’re happy to give you a demo of features both new and old. You can connect with us through chat on, or by email at

Thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy Toxnot 2.11!

The Toxnot Team




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