OEKO-TEX® Collaborates with Toxnot for Restricted Substance List (ECO PASSPORT)

Jul 14, 2021 6:38:54 PM


Oeko-Tex's ECO PASSPORT restricted substance list is now publicly available on the Toxnot platform. OEKO-TEX® recently collaborated with Toxnot to help make this their first publicly available MRSL for textile & apparel manufacturers. Toxnot users can now easily screen their products against the ECO PASSPORT list to visualize if your material data meets the criteria for the lists ecological standards.

What is ECO PASSPORT by Oeko-Tex?

ECO PASSPORT is a certification created by OEKO-TEX® to provide sustainable textile and leather manufacturers proof of their sustainable material production. The ECO PASSPORT is a certification for chemicals, colorants and auxiliaries used in textile and leather industries. Brands value this RSL because it demonstrates their sustainability credibility & helps display a company's actionable results toward their sustainability goals.

OEKA-TEX updates this list once a year based on product new information regarding banned substances and limit values.

What is the certification process?

Toxnot users can pre-screen their products & materials against the restricted substance list as a first steps in their certification process. Once users have screened the products they want against the ECO PASSPORT list, users then will need to complete the certification directly with OEKO-TEX®.

How to screen products against the ECO PASSPORT RSL?

We've created a short demo to help you see how you can easily screen your products & materials against the ECO PASSPORT restricted substance list. Check it out!

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