Demonstrating your Product Compliance through Toxnot Shared Materials

Oct 14, 2020 1:43:09 PM

Product Compliance

Product compliance teams and suppliers know all too well how difficult it can be to keep up with ever-changing regulations and standards. Communicating this information to customers is another task that can often be extremely time intensive. A tool that can do both is one that is desperately needed across industries - this is where Toxnot's compliance abilities and shared materials can provide a solution.


What is Product Compliance?


At its core, product compliance is the process of ensuring that your product meets all the regulatory requirements that apply to it. Of course, regulations and standards vary widely depending on the product and the regulations themselves are in a constant flux. Regulations fall into several general categories: chemical substance regulations, product-specific regulations, and labeling requirements. The substance lists, product categories, and label requirements are constantly evolving based on chemical research, new substance information, and market demands. This element of change is why it can so hard to keep up with product compliance.


In Toxnot, our compliance features allow users to store substance data and compliance determinations in the system for CA Proposition 65, REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, and soon, even SCIP. Any changes in these regulations will be automatically applied and users will be notified of how these changes affect their product library. Work that would previously take days to weeks and countless spreadsheets can now automated.


What is Toxnot Shared Materials?


Toxnot Shared Materials is a disclosure tool that is unique to Toxnot. Suppliers can create a free account, add in product and compliance information, and add it to the searchable and secure product database. This data can then be accessed by customers through the platform (for free!), solving the issue of having to respond to countless data requests.


Less Effort and Happier Customers


The combination of compliance and Toxnot Shared Materials in Toxnot can be a real game changer for compliance and product transparency. Use Toxnot to gather and screen your compliance data, then use Shared Materials as your simple and easy-to-maintain disclosure tool.


Compliance regulation and disclosure requests are all driven by customer demand, whether that's a large-scale manufacturer or the direct consumer. Regulations are expected to expand and become more robust in the coming years. Using Toxnot can help meet current and anticipatory regulations. Being proactive in providing and encouraging Full Material Disclosure (FMD) can be surprisingly powerful for business relationships. Manufacturers go through painstaking and time-intensive efforts to get data from their suppliers. Getting ahead of these requests and being ready to provide your customers with the data they need is an easy way to get ahead in 2021.


Any questions about Compliance or Toxnot Shared Materials? We would love to hear from you! Send us an email to support or book a meeting with us here.



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