December 2016 Updates

We've been really busy adding new features and content to the toxnot platform!

In addition to our powerful subscription tools, we’ve launched a new team edition of toxnot which allows multiple users to collaborate on projects even more easily.  We know how important it is to manage your entire product suite, so we created product portfolio analytics so that you can explore chemical hazards across entire product lines.

Be sure to check out and share our new 3 minute introductory video that outlines our toolkit and features for anyone new to toxnot.

Here's all the latest features:

  • Support for a 'nested materials' structure in our HPD 2.0 report format.
  • New team edition allows multiple users to access projects together.
  • Portfolio analytics now allow users to see hazard scores across products and product families.
  • Add supplier reported, missing or unknown CASRNs to a BOM through "My Substances".
  • Enhanced weight column handling, including different auto-calculation modes (details here).
  • Imported row usage is shown on the main Products view.
  • Convert Homogenous Materials to Products, and vice versa.

As always, you can find our free trial of reporting tools (including BOM and Formulation imports) here.

And if you prefer to see a demo before you give it a try just drop us an email at

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