toxnot v1.1.2 now live!

Here are some of the new items now available on

  • You can now generate multiple report formats from the same product BOM or formulation that you've automatically imported into toxnot!
  • All of the required hazard lists for HPD v2.0 are now available, so that our HPD reporting tool is now fully compliant with HPD v2.0
  • A Manufacturer Inventory report that meets LEED v4 requirements and allows users to control disclosure of specific chemicals is now available.
  • Homogenous materials are now supported in our BOM editor so that you can enter a material once and use it in multiple BOMs.
  • The WELL building standard restricted list is now available so that you can look up chemicals and screen formulations against it quickly.

If you haven't found the free trial our reporting tools (including BOM and Formulation imports) please do check it out here.

And if you prefer to see a demo before you give it a try just drop us an email at

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