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Search is pretty straight forward from a user perspective, except when it doesn't work.  The reality with chemicals hazard information is that the amount of time required to find the relevant information is a huge barrier to most users.  With this in mind, we're steadily working to make all content about a substance searchable from our home page.  This includes: CASRN, Name, Alternative Names, Functional Uses (i.e. Pesticides, etc.) and Hazard Scores.

The toxnot homepage offers full featured search. The toxnot homepage offers full featured search.

Google searches

You can actually search toxnot through google by entering a CASRN or chemical name and the term "toxnot".  Keep in mind that because google is only searching the information available to a not logged in user, it won't be able to search the full contents of the substance profile, but nonetheless this can be handy!


Google searches are quick but may not return all results.

Improving search

There are three ways we're working to improve search (and therefore usability).  The first is by simply indexing more information, as we take more out of static .pdf documents and index it, we simply have more content to match with the endless variety of search terms you throw at us.  The second is by continually using your feedback to update the underlying database.  While our computers see multiple entries for an item since they may not be exact matches, users can actually flag duplicates in their search results so that we can send a human in there and determine if entries should be merged.  Users can also comment on substances at the bottom of each substance details page to tell us if they had trouble finding it and especially what search terms they had expected to find it under.  We review all comments and this is a really flexible way for you to help us make the system work better for you!

Possible duplicate entries can be checkmarked and flagged for review. Possible duplicate entries can be checkmarked and flagged for review.


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