How Upvotes Work on toxnot - Giving Chemicals a Thumbs Up

Lots of chemicals and substances are used across totally unrelated industries.  One of the main aims of toxnot is to find all the unrelated people and organizations that are interested in a particular substance and allow them to work together to help the world better understand its hazards.  On the toxnot platform this happens in two ways: views and upvotes.


Views are a really simplistic but nonetheless useful metric.  Every time someone looks at the details of a substance, it gets a view.  More views means more interest and that tells everybody in the community it might be something worth looking into.  It's good info, but it's pretty generic

Views_Total_Highlight The total number of views for every substance is displayed next to its CASRN and name.


Upvotes are more specific.  While views are passive, upvotes are a proactive statement by a user that getting a more detailed hazard profile on a substance would be helpful.  How helpful? That's how you determine how many upvotes to give it.  You can think of upvotes as roughly equivalent to how many dollars you would pay for a complete hazard profile of a substance.  

76-44-8_Heptachlor_chemical_hazard_profile_and_alternatives_assessment Upvote totals and a button to add more can be seen on the details page...

toxnot_software_-_Materials_Management_for_the_Circular_Economy ...on the homepage substance tiles...

toxnot_software_-_Materials_Management_for_the_Circular_Economy ...and in the search results.

Upvotes are added across users and are a signal to toxicologists that an item is of high priority and worth their time to propose a project to create a full hazard report.  When they do that all users who have submitted upvotes will be reminded of their interest and asked to share in funding the full hazard report.  So be honest with other users, but don't shy away from making a statement!  Upvotes are a great way to put a stake in the ground and leverage other people's interest into a project where costs can be shared.  Once a toxicologist has proposed a project, upvotes are replaced by the funding progress bar and everyone who gave that substance upvotes is notified that a project is raising funds.

If you want to see what people are voting for you can filter the tiles on the homepage to see what has the most upvotes.

toxnot_software_-_Materials_Management_for_the_Circular_Economy Homepage tiles filtered for substances with the most upvotes.

PS - if you want to revise the number of upvotes you given to a substance just click upvote again and put in the number you want.  If you've put in 10 and you want 20, click upvote and put in 20.

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