How the toxnot platform works

We make the best available chemical hazard data freely available and reduce the cost of rating new chemicals through crowdfunding.

  1. Users receive free access to estimated hazard scores and complete hazard reports as well as guidance on regulatory lists in a fully searchable database.
  2. toxnot users anonymously prioritize chemicals through their searches and by upvoting substances for hazard assessments of new chemicals.
  3. Aggregated user interest and seed funding directs toxicologists towards priority chemicals so they can propose specific hazard rating projects.
  4. Companies, NGO's, and customers pool resources to support those hazard rating projects at a lower cost.
  5. All new chemical ratings are made publicly available on our platform.
  6. Everyone benefits from past work and can focus their time and resources to address new challenges.

toxnot realigns incentives to promote creation and adoption of the best available hazard data for companies, toxicologists and NGOs.

Companies benefit by having more hazard data readily available, an easy process to fill data gaps and lower costs through our shared funding model.  Toxicologists benefit by having a platform to reach many more project funders globally.  They also reduce their risks by gathering payments together before they start creating hazard profiles that might not be resold.  NGOs benefit by having transparent access to the same data as corporate users so they can both support relevant initiatives and use an agreed third party hazard methodology to driving meaningful progress towards preferred alternatives.

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toxnot PBC is a public benefit corporation with a mission to help companies be transparent about chemicals and their impacts with design tools, client communications and supply chain intelligence so that they can promote and sell better products.