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Search is pretty straight forward from a user perspective, except when it doesn't work.  The reality with chemicals hazard information is that the amount of time required to find the relevant information is a huge barrier to most users.  With this in mind, we're...

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How Upvotes Work on toxnot - Giving Chemicals a Thumbs Up

Lots of chemicals and substances are used across totally unrelated industries.  One of the main aims of toxnot is to find all the unrelated people and organizations that are interested in a particular substance and allow them to work together to help the world better understand its...

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How the toxnot platform works

We make the best available chemical hazard data freely available and reduce the cost of rating new chemicals through crowdfunding.

  1. Users receive free access to estimated hazard scores and complete hazard reports as well as guidance on regulatory lists in a fully searchable database.
  2. ...

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toxnot PBC is a public benefit corporation with a mission to help companies be transparent about chemicals and their impacts with design tools, client communications and supply chain intelligence so that they can promote and sell better products.